Poem dedicated to street children

ONLY ONE STAR FISH for Loren Eisley

While a man walked by the beach reflecting about life, one thought that came to his mind was that no matter how much he tried to create change in the world, it’s always as if the wind would take all his ideas away and hit them in his face with it.

He felt a crunch under his feet and noted that the sand was covered by thousands and thousands of starfish that had been thrown on the shore by the tides. He continued to walk thinking, “How cruel was the ocean for throwing out all the starfish that died at sunrise.”

Later, he ran into a woman who threw a starfish into the ocean. He told her, “For each starfish you toss back into the ocean, three more are brought back to the shore. What difference would it make?”

The women looked at him thoughtfully, picked up another starfish and threw it back to the ocean. She smiled and said, “ I made a difference to that one.”


I am still here, even if you can’t see me, I am still here, I have fallen many times but I have not broken. I was born the daughter of the subordinate status and mother of “whys”. Hidden in the shadows, of what you can seem but you pretend not to sSee. I am still here, my tears on the streets, with an uncertain future, there is still hope, there is still hope. A song of destiny, an ode to curiosity, still, there is hope, there is hope. I will never know what is to come nor what has happened, it’s a hidden secret, a truth without owner, a life guided by suspicion, there is hope, I still have hope. A bookbag full of broken dreams, but a gem of dreams fulfilled. If I ever dreamed of accomplishing something, I know I have accomplished many things. Somewhere inside me, I fell, but I’m not broken, there is always a signal that helps me rise up again, you learn from everyone, you learn everything. You learn who to trust,          and I trust you. For life is unknown, changing, leveraging, and you make the best of it every moment. While not knowing what will happen next but always keep in mind people can die but dreams do not.   

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